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More Testimonials from our Clientele

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Since our website launch we have received numerous awesome reviews and testimonials from our lovely clientele. Here are a couple of favorites we wanted to share with you:

The Service provided by Allie Dunbar and The Summerhill Club is exceptional. Every time I've asked for help, she has exceeded my expectations. We've used The Summerhill Club weekly for childcare, last minute babysitting, and overnights. We have four kids, ages 4-12, and we are confident and happy to leave them in the care of Allie's wonderful staff. They are courteous, responsible, helpful, lots of fun and ALWAYS up for a challenge... from baking cookies, to building Lego, to tackling grade 4 math homework! Most importantly, our kids now look forward to us being out of the house! Allie and The Summerhill Club provide an outstanding service that I've been looking for for years."

- Heather F

My chidlren and I have been delighted by the wonderful, fun, kind, inventive young women that Allie has continuously sent our way. When I moved to Toronto it was real relief to know that reliable childare was just a phone call away. Allie is a delight to deal with and goes out of her way to accomodate. The babysitters have always been polite and punctual. I can't recommend them enough. My kids often ask me "Mama can we get a Summerhill Babysitter?" Apprently they are more fun than I am!"

- Tara S

Many thanks to everyone who have sent us their testimonials and reviews! We are so excited about our growth and development in 2014 thus far and we are grateful for each of our clients for making it all possible.

Take care and soak up the Sunshine!


The Summerhill Club

Coming Soon: Acting Camp for Teens and Tweens, Aug. 18th - 29th 2014!

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