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Gift Guide: Presents Your Host Will Love

It's party season, y'all! In the midst of one of the busiest months of the year - where it seems like the holiday parties and gatherings are never ending (we're not complaining) - it can be tempting to pick up a last-minute hosting gift without much thought. But does your friend really need another bottle of wine? We're here to tell you that...well, maybe they do? In any case, we've rounded up seven killer hosting gifts that will ensure you're invited to every party for years to come.

1. Stendig Calendar

The Stendig calendar functions as a calendar and a piece of art. You're welcome in advance. Available at Style Garage or online.

2. Diptyque Limited Edition Forest Scented Candle

A bit pricey, yes, but can you really put a dollar value on a good smelling home? Additionally, like the Stendig, this baby also makes great eye candy. Available at Nordstrom or online.

3. Espolon Tequila

Switch up the same old wine gift with Espolon tequila. The packaging alone is reason enough, but the taste - the taste is the real hero here. Available at LCBO or online.

4. Arrow Neck Bottle Stopper

What's not cool? Trying to shove a wine bottle's original cork back into a half-finished Cab Sauv. What is cool? Gold accents (that promise the freshest vino). Available at Cocktail Emporium or online.

5. Summerhill Club Gift Card

If you're going to a Christmas party, you likely had to get a sitter - correct? Now, imagine you didn't have to pay. Good, right? Bestow this feeling on a loved one. Available at

6. Stoneware Salt and Pepper Set

Cutest. Gift. Ever. Available at H&M Home or online.

7. The Greenhouse Cookbook

The geniuses behind Toronto's Greenhouse Juice want to make healthy eating fun, so they made this amazing cookbook. Be a pal and pass it on. Available at Indigo or online.

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