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The only DIY you'll need this season

As the great Bing Crosby once sang, Christmas is a comin'. And coming it is! Okay, okay - we hear you; no, it's not quite December and no, we still don't have snow. But even the biggest Christmas grinch can't deny that the spirit of the holiday is already alive and well. And what better way to prepare for the festivities of the season than with a DIY wreath. We know firsthand that wreaths and other floral arrangements can be a bit expensive, which is why we partnered up with floral genius, Lady Hayes, to bring you a super simple DIY project. Our criteria for the perfect holiday wreath? That it's easy to make, looks great and won't break the bank. Before we knew it, we had checked off all of our boxes and then some (long-lasting, perfect for inside or outside and a great craft to do with the kids).

So, if your front door needs a little pizzazz or you're dying to create a whimsical centrepiece for your holiday table, this is the DIY for you!

Check out our five fool-proof steps below....


STEP ONE: Gathering materials

Step one is probably the hardest of them all. Why? Because this includes choosing the flowers that you're going to be working with. While aesthetics are important, another thing to consider is how long you want your wreath to last; choosing flora that drys well (Babies Breath, Cedar, Magnolium, Boxwood, Anemone, Amaranthus, Tallow Berry - to name a few) will keep your home feeling festive well into the new year.

After you've chosen your flowers, it's time to pick a structure to apply your greenery to. We chose a subtle gold hoop so that we could easily hang our wreath indoors or outdoors, or even use it as a centrepiece on a dining room table (lay this bad boy down and place a slew of different-sized candles in the centre for a chic, whimsical look). Want to get really wintery? Try putting together your own base with sticks (like this).

Finally, amp up the ornament with something extra. We applied a gauzy white bow to our wreath, but you can get crafty with pinecones, Christmas bulbs or even bells.

So, now that you've got the goods it's time to assemble your tools. For this wreath, all we needed was a pair of scissors, a pair of pliers and some copper wire.

Supply List

- Flowers (we used Limoneum, Astrantia, Leucadendron, Skimmia and Seeded Eucalyptus)

- Gold hoop

- Sheer white ribbon

- Scissors

- Pliers

- Copper wire

STEP TWO: Mock-up your design

Once you've gathered all of your materials, it's time to mock-up your layout. In this step, you'll be bunching together your flowers to get a sense of the mini arrangements you'll be making in step three. This is a good time to play with the direction, distribution and overall flow of your wreath without making any hasty decisions (ie. cutting stems too short before knowing what you want your wreath to look like).

STEP THREE: Make your mini arrangements + wire them to the frame

Now for the fun part. Once you have a general sense of your layout, you can start cutting. Snip the stems short enough so you can make mini bouquets, but try to ensure you have keep some length at the back of each bouquet as to cover more space with less greenery. Once you're happy with your bouquet, gently fasten them to your base with wire. Continue making bouquets until you've achieved your vision (and covered up any visible wire!).

As you'll see in picture three, we played with direction to give the wreath a more simplified look. Interested in covering the entire base? Try arranging your bouquets in one direction until you've made your way around the whole hoop.


Technically, your wreath could be complete at this stage - congrats, you DIY dream! If you're looking to make your wreath extra festive, however, this will be your favourite step. Now that you've finished securing your floral elements, try incorporating some ornamental objects; we literally tied everything together with a big, gauzy bow to achieve that whimsical Christmas vibe. If you're not feeling a bow, try loosely dangling some silk or velvet ribbon, fastening bells, pinecones or any other fun elements you've dreamt up.

STEP FIVE: Show off your DIY chops

You're almost finished! The last step is simple: display your creation. With your budget in mind, we purposefully created a wreath that could transition between indoors or outdoors. Having company? This floral beauty will look killer on the front door, propped against your mantle or, as we mentioned in the intro, laying flat as a centrepiece on your holiday table (stack an array of off-white candles in the centre for extra drama). Either way, your guests will be impressed.

And voilà! Thank you to the incredible Lady Hayes for partnering up with us to create this magic. You can follow her foray into all things floral on Instagram at @ladyhayes. Another thanks to our floral friends, Sweetpea's, who opened their shop early to accommodate our morning shoot!

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