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Our Top 3 Family Adventure Ideas for August 2020!

The last few months have been an adventure in themselves, so now that school is officially done for the summer, we thought sharing a few ideas for things to do outside and in might be a wee bit helpful.

#1...Nature Scavenger Hunt!

We have created you a downloadable Scavenger Hunt to either print & use OR you can create your own with what is in your surrounding environment if this one doesn't fit the bill. You can also adjust it to different ages/stages of development! Go for a walk or a hike in the woods and find all of the things on the list. Check the boxes as you go, and if you find everything in the treasure hunt, the whole family gets a *parent-approved prize!

*Prize ideas:

Everyone gets to go for ice cream, a family movie night, camping in the backyard, beach day, breakfast for dinner, a board game night, or smores for dessert!

#2...Bring Back Pen Pals!

Isolation has been a challenge for everyone. Remember when we were little and pen pals were a thing? Turns out it's JUST as exciting and rewarding for little guys to send and receive snail mail as it was back then. The pen pal could be someone that they're not able to see at this time, someone that they just really like OR if you'd like, we can match you up with another family and meet a new friend via the Summerhill Club community!

*Letter/Craft Ideas:

Send stickers, art, questions, treasure maps, photos, whatever you'd like! We did this via Lego club this past month and the kids were thrilled.

#3...Chores for a Cause!

At this crazy time it's hard to know how to help. It's important to talk to kids about giving back and supporting communities not just now, but always. You can start by talking to your kids about the fact that some families are having a harder time than others during the pandemic and that everyone [even little guys] can help! An idea we had was to work with your kids to create a 'special task' chore list and an agreed upon amount of money that they will make upon completion. A portion of the money [perhaps half] would then be donated to a charity of your child's choice. This gives kids a sense of purpose and helping which everyone could use at this time.

*Charity Ideas:

These are a couple of charities we are supporting at this time and recommend:

Black Lives Matter (

St Francis Table (

Covenant House (

Red Door Family Shelter (

Remember, we are here for you! If you need a break, some extra support, or more ideas, don't hesitate to reach out.

It takes a village, so let us be part of yours!

Take care and stay safe,

Allie + The Summerhill Club Team

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