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Mindset is Everything

As we dive into the holiday season, it is more important than ever to prioritize our mental health, especially as parents and childcare providers.

We have called in our friend CJ Smith from Mindset Family to offer her expertise in this area, and some resources and offerings for our client families and Summerhill Club community.

CJ Smith, Founder, Mindset Family

2020 is one for the record books, and many parents are on the struggle bus. They are on search for answers to the question of how to balance parenting, homeschooling and reaching personal or professional goals. We feel the world's chaos is mirrored at home, from the adults to the tots, and this is creating the perfect storm. The upcoming holidays are simply adding yet another layer of stress to the mix.

My question to you is...Are you thriving or surviving? Do you even know anymore?

My name is CJ Smith, and I am the founder of Mindset Family. My online program educates parents, kids and caregivers in building worthy goals, habits & self-confidence, honing intuition, memory & persistence, decision-making, and overcoming fear. I would love to personally invite you to explore my free Facebook community page where you can find tons of valuable information and resources to help support you in your day to day.

Wherever you’re at, Mindset Family could make all the difference for you and your loved ones this holiday season. Trust me, I GET IT, and this is exactly why I have created this transformative online community filled with parents, kids and caregivers who benefit from real and compassionate mentorship. As a former 911 operator, award-winning entrepreneur, mindset coach and solo parent of 2, I bring a wealth of wisdom and experience to the table.

Need 10 minutes to unload the dishwasher in peace? Trying to finish the last email while the kids are crawling all over you? Hop onto Mindset Family and let me occupy the kids with one of my virtual readings of children’s books! Looking for a nourishing alternative to another Netflix show after your kids are in bed? Try one of the free workshops with true-to-life stories and helpful applications.

If you love the Facebook group, explore the full Mindset Family program; a 6-month transformational journey to create new levels of success and fulfillment, at home and work. I built Mindset Family upon the framework of a world-renowned leadership program; Thinking Into Results by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. This program offers a powerful and creative system for helping kids and adults master their mindset, while using children’s artwork to visually personify concepts — a highly effective learning component for both children and adults.

Uniquely adapted for kids, the Mindset Family program includes a Playbook; summarized lessons with play-based experiences to engage young learners in a “choose your own adventure” format. Mindset Family also offers printables and mindset activities for kids to actively and easily engage in concepts.

Need an example?

A child in the program was struggling to transition to kindergarten. Using the wipeable placemat, they pictured themselves holding their teacher’s hand and walking into the classroom together in a drawing. Immediately, new feelings arose! They were able to shift their attitude, which inevitably changed their behavior.

Click here to register for a FREE Family Goal School, Nov. 23-27th

Countdown the last 31 days of the year with the Mindset Family Advent-ure Calendar. Every day, try a new mindset micro-mission — and breeze through the holidays feeling merry and bright. Join Mindset Family on Facebook for more details.

Yours Truly,

CJ Smith

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