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Q: Are your sitters vaccinated?

A: Yes! All of our team members are minimum double vaccinated against COVID-19.

Q: Can I request that my sitter wear a mask?

A: Absolutely! Let us know upon requesting a service and we will ensure that your sitter wears a mask.

Q:  What is your hiring process?:

A: We have a multi-step hiring process.  Our staff are the heart of this company and we pride ourselves on our exceptional sitters.  We start with an in-person qualification interview for all prospective sitters.  After the interview, the sitter must provide us with a personal and professional reference, a police check, and proof of CPR Level C qualification (CPR C status is for Toronto only currently).


Q: Can you explain the booking process?

A: Fill out our "service request" form on this website to get the booking started.  We will then match you with the best sitter for the job.  You will then be sent a "Sitter Profile" including a photo and bio of your upcoming service provider.  We will also connect you with the sitter via email so you can communicate with them directly before the shift if needed. 


Q: Is it possible to request a certain sitter?

A: Absolutely.  Continuity of care is a priority for us.  You can always request a favourite sitter or favourite small group of sitters and we will give them first dibs on your babysitting shift.


Q:  How do I pay?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Etransfer.  Your invoice will be sent to you via email after the shift is complete.


Q: Help! I need someone overnight.  Is this possible? If so, what are your rates?

A: We do overnight sitting regularly.  Whether it be just one evening, a weekend away, or a couple of week vacation, we've got you covered.  Overnight rates are custom based on age of children time of request and length of stay.


Q:  I've never had a babysitter before and am quite nervous.  Can I meet the sitter beforehand?

A:  We are happy to accommodate "meet and greets" or "trial shifts" whenever possible.  Alternatively, we can set you up with a Video Chat with your sitter so you can get a feel for them and even introduce them to your kids.    


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A:  Cancellations of babysitting services with less than 24 hrs notice will be charged the 4 hr minimum.  Cancellations with

less than 48 hrs notice will be charged 2 hrs services.


Q:  I still have a few questions. Can I set up a call with someone at the agency?

A: Absolutely! Email us at to set up a call time and we will happily chat with you and answer any questions you may have.

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